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Not funny. Not a prank. Not okay. Assault should never be tolerated.

Posted by stronger98 , 02 March 2014 · 170 views

I Really Need To Vent!!!

When I Was In Fifth or Sixth Grade A Bully In School Who Had Been Sexually Assaulting Me Of And On From The Very End Of Third Grade Up Until Halfway Through Sixth Grade, Decided To Give Me A Purple Nurple One Day. It Hurt Like Hell!! I Screamed And My Mom Yelled Down The Stairs To Be Quite And Knock If off. She Never Came Downstairs To Check Up On us. After Four Years I Still Experience Breast Pain
Now And Again. Purple Nurples Can Pop Blood Vessles And Cause Permanent Scaring Within Inner Breast Tissue If The Perpetrator Pinches And Twists Hard Enough.

Purple NUrples Are Not Funny!!! You Wouldn't Want Someone To Do That To You So Why Would You Do That to Them???

Purple Nurples Are Not A Part Of Growing Up! Purple Nurples Are Wrong! Purple Nurples Hurt!!!! Purple Nurples Are Assault!!! Purple Nurples Are Not A Friendly Prank!!!! They Should Never Be Tolerated!

On Another Note:

I Forgive Her For All The Pain She Put Me Through And I Hope She Has Forgiven Herself.

I Also Forgive My Mom. She Has Done So Much Good For Me I Won't Let What She Failed To Do That Day Get In The Way Of Our Relationship. I love Her To The Moon And Back. She Is My Hero.

Mar 02 2014 05:24 PM

Sorry, Samara, about your experience...sorry about the choices that people make to hurt others...that hurt you :( Sorry that your mom didn't come down and check on you...but thank you for your forgiveness and unconditional love...

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