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my mother is on his side, not mine!

Posted by stronger98 , 25 January 2014 · 135 views

This Afternoon After I Got Home From A Track Meet I Was Talking To My Mom On The Couch.

I Told Her That I Hate My Brother After All He Has Done.

Than She Said" Can't You Just Forgive Him For Being Stupid?" With A Click Of Her tounge.

I Said "No After All HE Did To Me For Three Years. He Wasn't Being Stupid He Knew What He Was Doing Was Wrong." I Was Saying That Out Of The Heat Of The Moment. I Am Working On Forgiving Him, In A Sense That I Am Moving Forward In My Life. But, I Will Always Hold Him Accountable. I Will Never Forget. I Will Never Let Him Get That Close To Me Again. My Brother Isn't Even My Mamas Kid, Nor Her Husbands(Papa) HE Is My Birth Parents Son.

Than My Mom Said "Maybe He Didn't"

Are You Kidding Me I Am About To Explode! My Brother Is 29! He Knew It Was Wrong! He Knew! He Didn't Think He Could Get Anyone Else So He Went For His Baby Twelve Year Old Sister And Than Just Continued For Three Years Until I Cut Him Out Of My Life. Should Have Been My Parents Duty To Protect Me Not Mine! My Parents Really Bug Me. IM 16. Why Didn't They Protect Me?

So sorry to hear this!!  I hope your mother will accept the truth in time, maybe she is just in shock, not that she has any right to say that to you.  My thoughts go out to you.   

I'm sorry, that is not fair to you. Even if she feels some kind of sympathy towards him, she should keep it to herself and give you the acknowledgement you deserve. And face reality while she's at it, hopefully some day she will. Unfortunately, this is too common. Often parents find it easier to react this way because yes, if they admit to how bad it was, they have to accept some responsibility, and therefore some guilt. All children deserve protection.
Jan 25 2014 11:30 PM

Your mom is completely wrong. You are right to hold your brother and your mom accountable.


I'm so sorry your mom doesn't acknowledge the harm you have suffered.

You have every right to feel the way you do. You owe nothing to him. I am sorry your mom said the things to you that she did. Is she in therapy too? Might be a good idea.

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