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my mother really didn't help...I feel like im back at square one

Posted by stronger98 , 20 January 2014 · 171 views

My Mother Came Into My Room to Tell Me Lunch Was Ready.

I Told Her "I Forgive Daddy And Josh(Brothers Name)

She Told Me How Great That Was And Than Went Into A Topic I Really Didn't Want To Hear And That I Believe Has Undone All The Work I Did Over These Past Few Months To Get That Far.

My Mother Said Your Dad(Birth) And Brother Love You Dearly, Their IQ"S Are Very Low So Therefore They Didn't Know What They Were Doing Was Wrong

Really??? Really???!!! They Are Not Intellectually ChallengEd LegalLy, They May Not Be The Smartest People On The Planet But They KnEw What They Were Doing Was Wrong! Evereytime, My Brother Would Talk About His Sexual Fantasys, Sex Life, Tickle Me, Snuggle With Me, Talk To Me About Sex, Molest And Sexually Assault Me Was When We Were Alone! Everytime! My BirtHfather Knew Not To Do The Things He Did! We Were Alone Too Whenever He Would Say Something Offensive!He Really Hurt Me Emotionally. Each Of Them Began Abusing Me When I Was Nearing The Age Of 13, Ending This October! Nearly Every Weekend For Three Years....I Don't Know How I'm Ever Going To Get Past This..But I Will!! One Day I Will!!!

They Knew It Was Wrong! They Hurt Me! Why Does My Moma Have To Make Me Feel Guilty About When I Was Mad At Them! Now IM Angry At Them Again! I Feel Like No One Feels My Pain!

I hear you Stronger. I'm sorry that your mom isn't being your advocate. What was done to you shouldn't have happened. You are right and talk about it so clearly. You really are an amazing survivor. It's really late but Happy Birthday to you! Also thank you for choosing me as your friend. You helped me feel so much better because you did that. Love, Salemkitty
I'm sorry your mum has let you down so badly. By excusing them she leaves you with the burden.

You will manage to lay this burden down, though, I believe. I have and I had an experience that your story reminds me of - my parents 'excused' my brother's behaviour. It did set me back but I made it through. And so will you. You are stronger than your birth family.


How very hurtful for you mother excuse their behavior when the only person that was hurt by it all is you.  There are no excuses for what your father and brother did to you.  The blame is all on them.  Your mother's ignorance of how devastating what they did and it had nothing to do with love.  I am sorry you are not supported in your own home.  Take good care of you.

My Non Biological Father, Who Has Always Been A Dad To Me Is On My Side Now, Didn't Feel That Way In The Beginning But He Supports Me Now That He Knows The Whole Situation. He Doesn't Allow Me To Be Alone With Them Anymore :)So I Do Get Some Support In My Home Life At Least :)
Thank You All For Your Thoughts And Help. Very Much Appreciated!

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