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The Feelings I Have


Feelin alright

Posted by brittney44 , 20 October 2013 · 164 views

Today I feel alright. I hope it doesn't change tomorrow. I want to feel alright for the rest of my life. I want to be able to dream big and accomplish those dreams. I'm ready for my future. I'm ready to begin my life. I just hope this time I don't fail. Countless times I have had these feelings and these thoughts but before I knew it they...


Just Breathing

Posted by brittney44 , 16 October 2013 · 166 views

Breathe. That's what I must do. That's all I can do. Air goes in and the air goes out. I must continue to breathe so that I will live. Although sometimes I don't want to breathe I have to. I have so many people depending on me and needing me. But why? Why do people need me? I don't understand what good I do for anyone. Why must I continue...


Today October 15, 2013

Posted by brittney44 , 15 October 2013 · 145 views

Today I feel as if I just went throughout the day without any emotions. I want my old emotions back. I want to be that girl that everyone sees who is without a doubt the happiest person ever. the one who is so joyful she gets in trouble at school for it. The one that no one is afraid of freaking out. I want to be that girl again. I strive each day to be t...

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