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From: lonely tired angry grieving....

Posted by 98lily98 , 21 October 2013 · 88 views

Hello lily

breathing can really help. Sorry that you feel so much down and sad and all the anger. This is part of the healing journey, I guess! Sometimes the road is troublesome and makes one very tired.

it is good that you put your sadness down here - maybe sharing it with other can help a little bit.

I wish somehow it can get less - the same you feel. You know that it was not your fault and the shame belongs to someone else. Try to tell yourself that it was not your fault. I know it takes a long time until, we as survivors, can really believe it and really integrate it in our new thinking about what happened.

It is hard when your inner voice can not allow you to cry - crying can make you feel more relaxed. Sometimes it helps to watch a sad movie - and you cry about the movie - this also can be a supportive strategie to cry at least a little bit. (also music could help).

How to get your anger out safe? hm that is a really good question!
# if you love sport this could help. Go for a run, for a walk, skating or what ever you like
# dance in your room
# I sometimes put my thoughts that make me so much angry on a piece of paper (each thought on one piece) than I make something like a ball out of that paper and throw it on the wall - as long as I get tired.
# sleeping for a while

Sitting here with you!

Write if you can!
All the best for you!


Source: lonely tired angry grieving....

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