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Posted by 98lily98 , 21 October 2013 · 138 views

I am sure that it is so much difficult to live with somatic pain.

The quote you write says actually a lot. you can try to deal with your pain, you can get treatment. but if you don't pay enough attention it might come back very fast.

E.g. when I have back pain - I know it would help me to do regular my exercise to strengthen sepecific muscels so the pain gets less. when I do that exercise - the pain is really less. Also I can watch out on how I carry things and so on. As soon as I do not pay enough attention to myself - as soon as I am for example overworked - the pain comes back.

sometimes (depending on the kind of somatic pain) the body tries to tell us something what we do not pay attention off. So what I mean is that my back pain tells me clear and "loud" "b. slow down - this is too much at the moment". If I don't slow down - my pain gets worse .... and so on.

I don't know if this is any support.

Just let you know I am reading - and I am sorry that you struggle most with somatic pain.

take gentle care!

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