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Posted by Tree_of_Lyfe , 04 October 2013 · 144 views

"Oh, it's 2:30 in the morning and you can't sleep, self. Where else can you go but onto Tumblr? Yeah, that's right. Look at that gif of David Tennant laughing. Now look at those bears waving. Yess. They are half the speed they should be. This is your brain running on being awake for nearly 20 hours. Oh, no. You aren't allowed to sleep. Nope." my inner monologue is an unpleasant being...

I've had trouble sleeping before so, I know what this battle is going to end with. I go a week or five without a proper sleep pattern, I start becoming more and more antisocial. NOT TO MENTION A MASSIVE DOUCHE CANOE. Everyone just becomes royal pains in my ass (grammar?).

Forgive me I'm running on a lucky two hours of sleep from last night.

Insomnia has been a problem for me for a long time. It started when I was around fifteen maybe. I was afraid of sleeping for a while then I just stopped sleeping for weeks at a time. There are times when I catch up on sleep and I get better but the cycle just happens over and over again. Depression can cause both incredibly immense amounts of sleep and insomnia. Lots of other fun stuff can go wrong too but that's for another time.

This is one about sleep.

Things that I try to help me sleep are actually useful. Like I said, I have bouts of insomnia but then I catch up by using some of these. Some individually and some combined. Sometimes all together.

1. I drink a good 12 oz. of milk right at bed time. Warm or not doesn't really matter. This combined with a comfy duvet, pillow, and bed is a good remedy.

2. Listen to a comforting noise. I have this little nifty machine that makes sounds found in nature. It makes white noise, waves on a beach, birds chirping (which is the least effective), crickets chirping, a babbling brook, rain, and heart beat. My absolute favorite is the heart beat. I have always found that comforting. When I was little I would fall asleep on my dad's chest a lot and it would always be because of the sound of his heart. I guess it makes me feel safer because I knew the sound of his heart meant that he was alive.

3. Melatonin! THIS STUFF IS THE ULTIMATE. I suggest it to nearly everyone that has trouble sleeping. Depending on how tired you are, you might only need the 1 mg tablets and only take one. I have to take about 4 mg but everyone is different. When I tell people about it, they just say: "I don't want to take medicine." Technically, it is not a medicine! It's created naturally by your body and when you don't have enough of it, you should take the supplements. It's like taking vitamins but for sleep instead of energy.

4. AVOID CAFFEINE LIKE THE PLAGUE AFTER 2 PM. Seriously. Not a joke. It stays in your system for hours and for me, it affects me more than others without making me jittery. (I'm supposed to stay away from it because of my anxiety disorder but it doesn't hurt me to drink a Kick Starter to stay awake in my 9 AM math class.)

5. Relax. Just chill the fuck out. Read a boring book. Read a book for class! You actually retain more information if you read the important stuff before sleep. But be sure not to read in bed because the bed is a place for sleep (NOT GOING TO MENTION THE OTHER THING IT'S USED FOR YOU NAUGHTIES.). Some Simon and Garfunkle right before I sleep sometimes does wonders. Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, or even gentle Pink Floyd works just as well. (I recommend NOT listening to some parts of The Wall..[EX: The Trial is always a BAD idea before bed. Nightmares man..])

6. Crying. Seriously. It releases toxins from the bod. Ever notice how you get tired after a good cry? Yeah.

I have troubles with sleep too. It's not really insomnia, it's more like I'm scared to sleep. Sleep, for me, is what food is to someone with an eating disorder. Then, after a while, I get so worn out from it I "binge" on sleep.

Cool advice. My T has me on a sleep schedule so I'm trying to stick to it... it's really difficult since my sleep schedule is all off-kilter. I'll have to try some of these things :) good luck to you.

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