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Posted by laurenbacall , 10 November 2013 · 264 views

I was recently encouraging another member regards being worthwhile to receive the reward for Chatter of the Month of October. I like what I wrote to her a great deal. I decided to write the same thing to myself and absorb it. Whoo hoo!  It is such a blessing to help others.
As far as not feeling worthy,
Here is what I think it means for you to be worthy of the award for Chatter of the Month of September 2013 LaurenBacall:  Lauren or D.L. you have worth, or value(usefulness or importance); .you are admirable, deserving: worthy to be revered; worthy of acclaim or cheers, praises, claps, congratulations, applauds! Why? You have "survived a great amount" with SA and this has made you a person that can "offer help to others "and this is greatly admired by others. These people tried to break you and silence you and they couldn't!
This makes you very worthy or deserving of this award for Chatter of the Month of September  2013. You have not been silenced by what they tried to do to reduce you. You have found your voice and spoken out and up and went on to help others find their voice as well....And realize that they can overcome one day at a time with patience, persistence or tenacity. This makes you very deserving. I pray this sinks in little by little for you D.L.
I salute you! We are all on this journey together! We are all healing one day at a time! Posted Image
P.S. You are very courageous or brave as you are challenging or defying (opposing or resisting) all that they tried to do to break you and silence you! Posted Image  Congratulations Lauren or D.L.-- Chatter of the Month for September  2013! Posted Image  You deserved it !  Posted Image Smiling from ear to ear!

Love it ;) it is so true you are worthy!

Nov 11 2013 01:31 AM

Thank You MandyC!   (smile.png) Smiling from ear to ear!

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