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Please help me get back on track

Posted by BattenbergPrincess , 07 January 2014 · 221 views

I've been doing so so well. Other than passing out with anxiety, I really have been coping so well this past month or so. That is until today. 
That's because today I went to the doctor's and had a vaginal examination. This brought back so many memories, just the sheer terror and pain of when I was raped. And it's completely knocked me off tra...


Am I a nympho?

Posted by BattenbergPrincess , 19 December 2013 · 259 views

Sex. I just want sex. I don't want a relationship, I don't want feelings, I don't want emotions. Just sex.
Or maybe I do want an emotional relationship. I'm just too scared to trust someone else. 
I just want to be in control of the situation and if I'm not I think I'd fall apart. 
But after I was raped I was scared of boys and mal...


Finally I see a future

Posted by BattenbergPrincess , 27 November 2013 · 171 views

I've been suffering with anxiety as a result of PTSD for quite some time. But now, my anxiety is decreasing, my depression has faded and life seems so much brighter now. I am a Christian and this past year has only made my faith stronger. I believe in every mess there is a message, and he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world. 


They grow so fast

Posted by BattenbergPrincess , 10 October 2013 · 119 views

I have a little sister called Grace. She's 7 years old and she's a total pain. But that pain means the absolute world to me. Her innocence and pleasure in the simplest of things has got me through the worst of times. When I give her a kiss goodnight and see those big baby blue eyes staring back at me, I remember why I keep on fighting. That little...


Non epileptic seizures

Posted by BattenbergPrincess , 02 October 2013 · 206 views

Ok so I've mentioned before that I suffered from non epileptic seizures as a result of post traumatic stress disorder. Well they went away for several months and now it seems like they're coming back. I was just wondering if anyone else suffers from them or knows anything about them? I'm really struggling as I just want to get my life back on...


I love you D.M

Posted by BattenbergPrincess , 24 September 2013 · 149 views

I've been in and out of a relationship with one of my best friends for over a year. We really have a very volatile and unpredictable relationship, because I'm so emotionally damaged. I wasn't the perfect girlfriend, but then the perfect girlfriend doesn't exist. We met in year 10 at school, the year before I was raped. I know he wants thin...


Little girl lost

Posted by BattenbergPrincess , 23 September 2013 · 152 views

Ok, here goes nothing. I'm hoping to find people who understand what I've gone through. It's also reassuring to know I'm not the only one out there. Right now, I feel ill. Depressed. Sick. Anxious. However you want to phrase it. I am really struggling and it just feels like it'll never get better. I just want to stay inside all day and...

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