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Life without my mom or dad..

Posted by Collene , 04 October 2013 · 130 views

When I was 3 years old in 2000 my dad died of a massive heart attack. as most was to think I was too young to know what death was, I did. at my dads funeral I screamed because I did not want to believe he was gone. my mom was hated by the whole family and it devastated me knowing that no one on his side was going to talk to me again. I wanted to die. well as I grew older I wanted to know more about my dad my mom of course talked a lot of crap about him and it made me mad, why did she do this? my mom and I have never had a good relationship and I HATE it. I have longed for a decent relationship with her and it kills me knowing that nothing is going to help me get over this. I feel as if she is blowing me off for her boyfriend and it hurts to much. she has missed my prom, my senior pictures, my 16th and 17th birthday, my senior year. me growing older and more responsible and knowing that girls need their mom makes it so much harder to bare. I hate that my dad isn't alive and my mom is ignoring me. it sucks when kids say that oh me and my mom or me and my dad did this.. like I hate that!! especially when they don't even relize how much I really want a relationship with mine.

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