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Posted by Collene , 17 September 2013 · 85 views

After telling my mom and her not believing me I started to gain my voice.
but as most of you all know it takes time.
after trying to become the best that I could be. I final fell down the road to recovery.
after a year of being teased about court cases, knowing nothing was going to happen to him sent me off the edge.
the investigator over my case basicly didn't even talk to me.
my mom called and said that it was a lie and said I was a prostitute, so needless to say he was a butthole when he seen me.
he told me " you need to get over it"
like it was some kind of feeling that I could control.
I asked him why he was being so rude.
he replies with well I talked to your mom and I knew it was all over then.
I said don't tell me you believe anything she said? she said I walked the streets.
he asked me if that was true, so with anger I reply well do you consider the streets three doors down then sure!
I was livid buy the end of this meeting even though this man was the real reason that I was so frustrated to began with, I am so glad that I heard what he had to say.
my mom on the other hand calls time to time and I would rather not talk to her. even though I would love to try and build up a relationship with her. its impossible. she is still with this man today and the incident happened, july 12th 2012.
she lives a mile down the road with him and I see him every single day. medications, therapy, nothing helps me fully get over this. but with research I have found that you can never be complete again. this person has ruined your life forever. you can try to get over it or even say you are over it. but deep down you will never forget what happened to you the night you were sexually abused! this is a real problem in this world and really needs to serve more people justice than it does.

Source: My Voice

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