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My story

Posted by Collene , 15 September 2013 · 141 views

It all started when I was 15 years old.
my mom met a guy.
he seemed cool he helped out a lot since my dad passed away when I was 3.
his name is Harvey..
he was short, but big he has muscles.
he was friendly. he was very helpful.
he moved in with my mom and me after may 21st, 2012.
I didn't really entertain the idea, since I didn't know him, neither did my mom
but what could I do? I was a child!
well after him living there a week, I told my mom I didn't mind him staying because he seemed normal..
he cooked, cleaned, worked, and always made himself free.
although I still was a little weary about this guy, I still went along with the jest of things.
June 2012. I was still in school but almost out.
after I was done with school I still continued to wake this grown man up at 7:00 am.
I made sure the doors were locked like always and the dogs fed and took out.
knowing that my birthday was getting closer I was excited to know what I was going to get since I was 16.
well in the middle of June this man asked me if I wanted to smoke pot with him.
I was the normal teenager, I had done it before and had done it way before I knew him, but I didn't see anything wrong.
I did it. it was pretty much like a hangout sesh before bed. I was use to it,
I liked it, until he started making it an every night deal, and trying to add more and more every time..
I started to suspect something but,, I was like nah he would be trying to drug me.
man did I think wrong...

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