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Screaming on the inside can't be heard


Third Entry: SOS

Posted by Quiet.girl , 15 September 2013 · 106 views

SOS save our ship, a plea for help when you need somebody else in order to survive, to keep going on.
Age 12 yearly physical, not a huge deal I'm getting older i can handle a physical, I hate shots but it can be alright. My mom complains to the doctor about my weekly fights with my dad when he's home on the weekends. I don't understand what...


Second entry: The Path

Posted by Quiet.girl , 15 September 2013 · 126 views

The path is a way a person gets from one place to another. I would like to share my path here. How did I go from an innocent child to posting about CSA, SI, anxiety and depression?
I was seven. He was a trusted adult, I just a ignorant babe. He hurt me. What was I to do? Would my parents had believed me? I couldn't send my family through this, t...


First entry: The Beginning

Posted by Quiet.girl , 15 September 2013 · 94 views

Most everything has a beginning and an end. Today is a beginning. To this blog and hopefully for some form of my recovery. In a race you can't see the finish line in the beginning. But you go on with faith that you will get there. You can't see the finish line for much of the race but you never know it could be around the next corner. Sometim...

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