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happenings of today

Posted by number5of9 , 14 September 2013 · 108 views

my day started off bleh... i have been awake since 5 this morning, and nothing has really gone my way except for tonight. thanks to the early start, i have been having very depressing thoughts all day. i kept seeing myself as a child and going through the motions of those horrible days... it got to the point that when i was zoned out today, i screamed and my fiance came over to me and hugged me telling me i would be alright, that he was here. after that little episode he decided to take me out for a little bit with our son. when we got back home, he told me to lay down and relax. he made me dinner, and made me feel like a queen. my thought and feelings at the moment are 90 percent better than what they were this morning

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