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Posted by number5of9 , 13 September 2013 · 60 views

i cant believe it has been almost 20 years since i was attacked by someone i should've trusted. while i was in the hospital after giving birth to my son, i gazed down at his face and kept thinking i will never let anyone harm him the way i was. i have heard what has been happening to this man, and karma has caught up to him. he cant walk and can barely talk. shortly after it happened i buried the memories deep down as a way to protect myself, but when i turned 17, i started reliving those horrible days of my childhood. i didn't go to therapy until after i confided in my dad about what had happened. of course, he reacted like i hope any father would, he wanted to kill that man, but i told him it wasn't worth it, that he wasn't worth it. my father passed away a short time later and that was when i started going to speak to a therapist about all the things that went wrong in my life. i will eventually express what happened to me at another time but for now the memories remain alive, but they will not control me or my feelings.

i am just grateful that i now have a wonderful fiance and a beautiful son.

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