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one of those days...

Posted by number5of9 , 19 September 2013 · 164 views

this is definitely one of those days i could do without... all day it has been unhappy thoughts, and a feeling of failure. my fiance has tried multiple times today to assure me that i am not a failure and i couldnt be one if i tried... i just cant shake this feeling even now after i got my little one to bed and am all alone in my bed waiting for my man to...


Phantom Pains

Posted by number5of9 , 15 September 2013 · 140 views

This morning hasn't been good... i have been feeling these strange pains... i know what they were from, i shouldn't be feeling them anymore. it feels as if my thighs have been squeezed to the point they were bruised all over again. my cheek also feels as if it is on fire, as if someone has slapped me. i ache in the pit of my stomach and it just do...


happenings of today

Posted by number5of9 , 14 September 2013 · 109 views

my day started off bleh... i have been awake since 5 this morning, and nothing has really gone my way except for tonight. thanks to the early start, i have been having very depressing thoughts all day. i kept seeing myself as a child and going through the motions of those horrible days... it got to the point that when i was zoned out today, i screamed and...



Posted by number5of9 , 13 September 2013 · 106 views

i cant believe it has been almost 20 years since i was attacked by someone i should've trusted. while i was in the hospital after giving birth to my son, i gazed down at his face and kept thinking i will never let anyone harm him the way i was. i have heard what has been happening to this man, and karma has caught up to him. he cant walk and can barel...

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