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Poem #5: Remembrance of yesterday

Posted by Thundere , 06 October 2013 · 75 views

Remembrance of yesterday

Holding on to everything I know,
I can't fight it
But still I know that feeling down
is a way to survive it
I was once hurt,
I was scared and screaming,
pained and weeping
But no one was there to hear me
The devil in disguise,
followed me
Everywhere I went his face haunted me,
Laughing and threatening,
malicious and heartless
A true face of Death

So what do you do
when everything feels wrong
when you try so hard to belong
staying alive in this world
to remain the "you" everyone knows
and yet everything you see
is not who you used to be
How, tell me, how do you manage
not to feel scared
seeing your reflection in the mirror
and the feeling is hanging onto you
as an ominous looming feeling
that you're no longer "you"
The "you" you used to be
is all but dead and gone
and somehow, you know you'll never be free
although, still, in the "then" and "now"
you still struggle to be

The days went by, and still I feel afraid
to look in the mirror and see his face behind me
Everything's so scary,
so dark and weary
Nights of sleep still alludes me
Although he's gone, he's always at my side
To laugh or cry at how he so easily broke me down
He lied and cheated,
tormented and engraved
deep scars in my soul

The demons of my mind won't stay at rest

Actually, this is the lyrics of a song I wrote yesterday, not a poem, but... oh, well..
And yes, this is about my feelings about the perpetrator that broke into my home and, well, you can read about that in the "My Story" section.

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