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So twisted

Posted by wildnfree , 07 November 2013 · 89 views

Sorry for the blog entries back to back, but I had to get this out. I wrote a little about the ex's mom in a post last night. 
Am I the only that thinks this is disturbing?
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His mom went to my parent's church and had known my family for years. She had this strange habit of getting caught up in any drama that went down with the youth group. She acted like a teenager instead of mentor and caused unnecessary drama. I was going through a hard time when she decided to take me under her wing. She was like a second mother until things turned scary. 

She would always talk about how much her son liked me, which was odd considering I was only 17-18 and he was in his late 30'sPosted Image Me being naive and not realizing how old he really was, I thought it was cool an older guy liked me. She started asking when I'd turn 18 and tried to set up dates for me and her son to go out. Honestly, I think he had issues and was socially stunted b/c she smothered him so much. My parents knew something wasn't right, but I didn't see the warning signs then. We didn't get along, so she took the opportunity to isolate me more to be with her son. A few months after going to her house, she started asking really weird questions. She asked me if I was a virgin (I was), if I had sexual urges, and what I would/wouldn't do in the bedroom. Looking back, she was really perverted. I think she told her son everything which is why he'd say/do certain things when I started hanging out with him alone. When I was with him, he'd always mention little things I'd never told him, and she'd do the same thing. I think they were both twisted in their own sick game.


His mom would boast how proud she was her son openly shared his sexual experiences with her. I thought that was really strange. None of my brothers were that close to my mom. She'd complain he didn't show interest in women that looked like her. She wanted him to like women with large breasts because she had large breasts. She was so obsessed with him sometimes I wondered if she wanted her son to herself. I think both of them got a rise out of controlling me.


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