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Posted by wildnfree , 09 January 2014 · 136 views

I'm so frustrated right now. Ever since my dad's sister left and I started dating, my parents have been out of control. It's brought a lot of division.They constantly accuse me and my boyfriend of having sex when he haven't done anything besides kiss. My brother told me my boyfriend will see me as cheap if we have sex and that I don't carry myself as a woman. Don't see how he'd know since he's been stuck in jail for a few years....last time I checked, my sex life (or lack of it) was mine, not the families to control. Last time I checked, my worth wasn't wrapped up in whether I chose to have sex or not. Guess I was wrong...
My dad changed a lot when his sister stayed with us. She cooked and cleaned everyday, so he was treated like a king. His room was always cleaned and all his meals were prepared when he got home. Since she left, he's told me I'm a bad daughter, don't contribute much to the family, not fit to be a wife, and should at least have the family meals ready at all times since "that's what I'll do as a future wife." He said a lot of cruel things to my mom and I. It was very annoying. My aunt would say a lot of out-of-line things and my dad never addressed it. 
I understand he may secretly crave a stay-at-home wife, but that's not what he signed up for. He signed up to a life of him and my mom working full time, eating outside the home 75-80% of the time, and being with someone that hates cooking. Up until a month ago, eating at home everyday was not the norm for us. I love cooking, but being demanded to cook for everyone all-day, everyday b/c everyone else refuses to cook is ridiculous...plus the burden of "saving the family" has been brought on me b/c my parents spent a lot of money during the holidays buying things for people left and right and eating out all the time. Last time I checked, that wasn't my fault. I wasn't the one spending $300+ on multiple people or refusing to eat at home.
Maybe I'm overreacting or my bratty side is really coming through...IDK, but all these new rules, insults and demands are pushing me to move out. 

Wow, that really stinks. Moving out may be necessary for your mental health - I know it was for me. Moving out was the best thing I ever did. Do you have a job that would enable you to leave?

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