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Thoughts on my first date

Posted by wildnfree , 08 December 2013 · 233 views

Went out on a date last Friday evening. It was exciting, fun, and overwhelming at times. My parents were VERY overprotective and said a few things to the guy that were very cringeworthy. Since my parents know I was SA'd and R'd, they're over the edge. They told the guy I was royalty and a princess and to bring me back the same way I came-he was freaked out :( Luckily, he laughed it off and we had a good time.We went to eat in my neighborhood, then ventured downtown to see the sights and explore. I usually don't drink, but I had 2 shots of alcohol. We had a good time! At the end of the night, we kissed. I had a flashback when he brushed his hand against my face and neck. Other than that, it was pretty good.
Honestly, I don't know how things will go from here. I'm not used to a guy being SO interested in me. Plus my guard is up. After the date, I kept knit-picking certain things he said or did that reminded me of my ex....I was so scared of getting hurt, so kept judging him :( My date liked to drink, and it brought back a lot of bad memories of my ex. I had to remind myself he is not my ex, and I shouldn't be so quick to judge. My date calls and texts a lot, and is interested in what I have to say. He's interested in getting to know more about my culture and my interests which is refreshing. He's a man with a plan-In the next few years, he wants to move to his home town, settle down and have kids.
Who knows...we may end just friends or develop a relationship. But I don't want my past to cloud my future and prevent me from getting to know a great guy. I'm just staying cautious, being aware of what I do, and really praying about this.

Congratulations!  He sounds like a great guy, but as you say, you don't know where things will go.  The triumph is yours: your moving past what happened to enjoy what sounds a great evenings with a guy who cares about you. 

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