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Posted by wildnfree , 07 November 2013 · 142 views

I feel so conflicted right now. Part of me wants to reveal the identity of my abuser(s) to someone besides my T. But I'm afraid that won't happen. When I told my T how I knew my abusers, she warned me to be cautious about telling my family who they were. As crazy as my family is, they will stick up for their own when the occasion calls for it. 
But on the flip side, my T was weary of me filing a police report. She was concerned for my safety. She said knowing what my abusers are capable of, would I be willing to getting harassed or worse? No. *sigh*
The abusers attend my parents church. The abusive ex is a well liked guy and his mom is an elder in the church. As if that isn't bad enough, she's also a well known professor at my school Posted Image  I haven't told my T my ex's mom is a fellow faculty member at the school (I see my T at school). Should I tell her? I don't know if that would make things better or worse.

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