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Emotionally drained

Posted by wildnfree , 04 November 2013 · 204 views

Today's the second day my mom invited my cousin over to the house to help her out. I'll call him X. It hurts that my parents don't care how much he hurt me in the past and hard it is to be in the same room with him. I don't know how I'm gonna get through this week besides avoiding the house for long periods at a time. 
My mom invited invited X and two other cousins to help clean up the house. I don't have any issues with my other cousins, but they noticed something wasn't right.  I tried to bury my feelings to work with everyone, but I couldn't. 20-30 minutes into working with them, I emotionally collapsed. I shut down.  X had the nerve to ask, "What's wrong? You looked drained."
Drained? Drained is scratching the surface on how I feel right now. I stormed out, went in my room and shut the door. It's all I could do to hold myself together.  But even then, I felt exposed. I found some items I saw X with earlier that somehow winded up in my room. It's bad enough he's at the house, did he really have to enter my room and invade my personal space?

Nov 05 2013 11:02 PM

I am sorry. I wish they knew how you feel and made an effort to support you and your feelings. People can be so clueless due to denial to keep the image of a wonderful family. Pandys is here for you to support you through this. I care. Pandys cares.  I think being gone is a good idea. I wish you could lock your room as well. ((((safehugs))))

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