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Prying eyes

Posted by wildnfree , 15 September 2013 · 116 views

Idk what my ex's moms problem is, but she needs to let go and stop trying to contact me. I want NOTHING to do with her or her sick, twisted son. I'll call her Ms.C.

I was livid after my mom said said Ms. C went up to her yesterday (for the billionth time) and asked why I won't return any texts or calls. She needs to get stop!!! I know some people get along with their ex's parents just fine, but this is not the case at all. This lady has no sense of boundaries and won't go away. It's already bad enough she works at the university I go to-I literally have to avoid certain parts on campus so I won't run into her :(

I always feel bad when my parents or friends complain she keeps pestering them about me. It's not her business to know what I'm doing, where I am or who I'm with anymore. Ugh, I wish she would get a grip and leave me and people in my life alone. I'm sure there are plenty of other people she can bother :angry:

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