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I hate being so angry

Posted by wildnfree , 25 May 2014 · 146 views

I've been ridiculously angry these past few weeks. Idk why exactly, it could be lot of things This month marks a year since my grandma passed away. She was one of my closest family members. Once she died, I let go of trying to get close to my family...they denied the CSA and don't care how I or any other abused cousins have been affected.

It's been 2+ y...


I'm jealous and angry

Posted by wildnfree , 02 May 2014 · 199 views

I'm so jealous of my friends that are graduating from college, transferring, or moving away this summer. I feel like they're moving along to the next stage in life, but I'm still still in school struggling to graduate. I'm jealous they've had fun experiences at school, grown and made new friends. Don't get me wrong....I have too, but not to the extent I w...


Feel like a failure

Posted by wildnfree , 01 May 2014 · 178 views

I'm really dissappointed in myself. I've a come a long way from where I was 7 months ago, but I've hit a wall.  Counseling has helped me, but I'm still struggling a lot in school. I'm barely passsing; I'd be happy with C's in all my classes at this point. My anxiety is flaring up big time. Getting help from disability services has helped, but not a l...

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