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Words for an old ex

Posted by wildnfree , 25 December 2013 · 216 views

I'm so over negative people from my past trying to pull me down. Today, one of my exes got mad b/c I was texting multiple people and sent him the wrong text. He told me he'd gotten a new job, planned to move to anew place and get a new car. I told him congrats, then accidentally sent a text for someone else. It wasn't a steamy love text or anything bad ab...


Staying celibate

Posted by wildnfree , 22 December 2013 · 145 views

I want to continue being celibate while getting to know this new guy in my life. I haven't had sex since I got of a an abusive relationship, so doing anything intimate (kissing, holding hands, hugging, cuddling) is a lot for me right now. Plus, I don't want to be with someone sexually, only to have it thrown away...I've been celibate for a year and...


I hate when people do this

Posted by wildnfree , 20 December 2013 · 219 views

I hate it when people compare women's private parts to food or something that can be used or thrown away. A woman is so much more than that. I know that's random, but I'll explain later


Thoughts on my first date

Posted by wildnfree , 08 December 2013 · 320 views

Went out on a date last Friday evening. It was exciting, fun, and overwhelming at times. My parents were VERY overprotective and said a few things to the guy that were very cringeworthy. Since my parents know I was SA'd and R'd, they're over the edge. They told the guy I was royalty and a princess and to bring me back the same way I came-he was freaked ou...


Dating nerves

Posted by wildnfree , 04 December 2013 · 257 views

A really sweet guy I've gotten to know recently told me he has a crush on me and would like to take me out on a date. I wasn't expecting to be asked on a date for a while, so this is unexpected. I'm excited, but totally nervous. 
I haven't dated in a long time...well, since being with my abusive ex. I don't have any huge expectations of where...

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