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Posted by Sammyxxx , 15 October 2013 · 148 views

Answered the phone tonight and it was my Mother-in-law, she is planning to visit again next month (not sure what date yet). I asked my husband if he could perhaps put them off visiting again as this will be their third visit in the last 4 months and I find it extremely stressful having them stay. Of course he is out at work all day when they stay and it's me who is left to deal with them. Her first question to me is always "have you got a job yet" others are always about things I should be doing or asking about my family again (I have lost count of the number of times I have explained to her that I have no contact with my few remaining family members). I am stressed already just thinking about her coming, it will be worse when she is here. I have explained this to m partner but he simply does not understand. I have told him I want to go away while they are here but he wont hear of it. Just eaten an entire pack of biscuits and want more (may have to purge later, but will have to wait till he is in bed).

He says he will support me but when it comes down to it he is not. I feel so sad about that.

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