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To feel like a child

Posted by Sammyxxx , 26 September 2013 · 70 views

I remember so many times as a child feeling alone, scared, unwanted
Hiding under a bed, locking myself in the loo or the attic
An obsession with keys
Unable to know what was wrong but knowing things weren't right
Days off school sick, so many days..... tears at the front door
in the morning not wanting to go back again
Distant from the other kids - not the same as me

Today I told myself I would get dressed and go for a walk,
I remain inside the house - not wanting anyone to see me
hiding again from the world.

I have done nothing yet today my partner will be home in a
few short hours asking what I got up to again as he always does
and I will feel even smaller then but I can't seem to get myself
in gear today again.

Wish I had some grass to get stoned and fade my thoughts away.........

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