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What I liked & didn't like today

Posted by Alijo , 25 August 2013 · 140 views

I liked being confident in church setting ...big deal for me.... I set my own limits and said NO to the things I didn't want to do.
I liked completly ignoring the demanding text from hubs.....rather than texting back trying to get out of his traps.
I liked the way I've managed my nieces behaviour.
I liked that I didn't over eat because of the stressful day.

I don't like... My sister letting her daughter down by not turning up for her visit and not contacting us. This is a very double edge for me...my niece comes first but she terrifies me.

I don't like how I feel guilty for posting
I don't like having to second guess motives
I don't like being the peacekeeper
I don't like feeling insecure and needy.

I think for every negative I need to find a positive

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