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Posted by ciel , 23 July 2007 · 103 views

Another day here, another year gone as I move on in my life and look to see what have I done or accomplished. I answer myself 'nothing'. I've maintained a job that's it. I work at a job I don't like, in a field that I never thought i would, no savings....

Everyday is like the last, like I'm on auto pilot or repeat or a loop.

It's sad when you know you need to change but can't because so much in a routine and lack of motivation. This is just another pathic writing that will get lost or shuffled along with the rest of my journal, notes etc.

Maybe I should find the motivation and get a life.

Jul 25 2007 09:56 PM
You are so not alone with this, this sounds like me. I just think you get to the point in life and you go through the motions of whatever your life is. Like a daily habit. Not that its a bad thing, going to work, living a good life is a good thing. But I think we all want change at some point in our lives. Sometimes we need to shake up our routine. Take care, foreverhurt

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    foreverhurt - Jul 25 2007 09:56 PM

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