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Posted by ciel , 23 July 2007 · 50 views

Another day here, another year gone as I move on in my life and look to see what have I done or accomplished. I answer myself 'nothing'. I've maintained a job that's it. I work at a job I don't like, in a field that I never thought i would, no savings....

Everyday is like the last, like I'm on auto pilot or repeat or a loop.




Posted by ciel , 13 March 2007 · 43 views

I know what i want to do but i'm to afraid to pursue it. I know i want to do something in music. My biggest problem is I know how hard it is to make it but i'm so afraid to go after my dream and be that vulnerable...not knowing where i'm going if i'm going to actually have a job doing what i want..

will people like my dreams/visions. I k...


right now

Posted by ciel , 02 February 2007 · 40 views

Ihave been feeling lately I don't think I should be around people because I tell them I'm ok and I'm not. I have talked to my t about the confusion I have been having lately.

Lately I feel like I want to lose my job...I know I can afford to but I can't focus on the work and when I have to do something or get interrupted I get angry of pis...



Posted by ciel , 29 January 2007 · 35 views

I'm so confused I'm not even sure what I want to write about.

My brain keeps on jumping for one thing then to another. I feel lost and I'm just wondering threw the days.

When people call me I just let my phone ring, maybe call them back if I feel like it.

There is more I want to do I just feel like my brain is fried. I'm not sure why...


this just in

Posted by ciel , 29 January 2007 · 39 views

my brother (15) just came home from juve yesterday and then I found out now my other brother (11) is going to juve for stealing his teachers cell phone and the bill up to $1,000+. Just goes to show that with some kids it isn't just the parenting.

My mom sent him to live with his dad who is strict and yet he still acts up like this. I have no cl...



Posted by ciel , 29 January 2007 · 16 views

Reading this made me tear up and made me all warm inside.
I'm glad there are still nice people out there

The Cab Ride

By Kent Nerburn

"Twenty years ago, I drove a cab for a living. It was a cowboy's life,
a life for someone who wanted no boss. Because I drove the night shift,
my cab became a moving confessional. Passengers climbed in, sa...



Posted by ciel , 29 January 2007 · 18 views

Went out yesterday and these guys thought I was cool :D

We had a good time playing darts and drinking. I'm glad I didn't decide to stay home. The only problem is I have a slight headache today. Fun to see that strangers are still nice and stuff and don't just scoff people off because they are in their "click".



Posted by ciel , 28 January 2007 · 20 views

Its weird I feel like its deja vu...I feel like I'm going back to the way i was when i was out of it (months ago)...
my mood is ok but....my mind is kinda of like no one's home...like i can't feel anything.

It's hard for me to focus on work or anything. Some how i get it done and i have been listening and stuff to others who need it but i...

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