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A poem written to myself concerning self-esteem and self-nurturing in the midst of abuse

Posted by confirmations , 13 August 2013 · 142 views

Little girl, so broken, wounded.
Have you forgotten what you know?
You know you're strong
You know you're beautiful
You know the sunrise follows after the dark
You know its coming
In just a little while
But time creeps ever slowly
If you're the one who's waiting for the pain to go away, just wait.

I'll brush the hair from your face,
hold you close as the tears fall.

So much has happened
In such a short time.
Dreams change, they get pushed aside.
Don't let them go, they keep you sane.

Hold on to what you can,
The dark can't last forever.
Though many try to rescue you
And though you pray
That they succeed
Some day you will have the strength
To break the Dawn, while others fade away.

July 2016

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