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Ohana! ( You should really read it)

Posted by aaronj331 , 21 August 2013 · 94 views

Little words with a big meaning!!!!
Its means family.
Family means no one gets left behind.
Or forgotten.
Well yes.......
This forever will be what i will live by.
They are some many questions i wanted to ask.
To question is any of this was real in the beginning.
But Im not going to.
Because the shades of yesterday past.
Are just shades and you can get over it.
If you have to put me back in the "Brother zone" for things to go to normal.
Then do that!!!!!
But I don't mind still being classed as one of your"Best Friends"
Cause i would still feel important to you.
Well at least to be on that level.
Im sorry for the silence.
But i needed it to clear my mind so that i can write all these things and not be mad.
I forgive you!
I would always care for you.
This i can get over.
Other things (remaining questions) i can't get over.
But just not to be like everyone else that came and go.
I could put that aside.
And just believe that we were just made to be like "Friends"
So this is me getting everything off my chest.
It means family.
Family means no one gets left behind .
Or forgotten.

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