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Posted by aaronj331 , 07 August 2013 · 58 views

Its has already been hard for me.
All these fights and battles.
I did not know you personally back then.
Honestly did not know that you exist.
Maybe that's why all those fights came to be.
Not saying that you did not have a plan.
But God..... What are my motives.
Never really asked myself that question.
You have allowed me to be in places for a reason.
And all i do is not commit myself fully to your work.
I know that you love me and you want me to be yours.
Well the real me is ready to be yours.
All he ask of you is to, wrap him in your arms.
Take everything away cause he knows you can.
Remind him that its okay to make mistakes.
That its okay to cry.
That the past was the past and he needs to move on.
Tell him that you love him so that we can feel some what needed again.
He knows where to find you.
He's just afraid that he's to dirty for you to love.
But then you brought him someone and told him.
That its okay to love again.
(Even though he has been waiting on God to love him first)
But then you are God so you know how to love.
But he thanks you for this person.
And he made a promise to you.
Fight to take him back and make him yours.
And he would do your work and love the person you have blessed him with.
Well God nice talking to you see tomorrow.
Thank you for the name Aaron Jeremiah Acosta.

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