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I hate you

Posted by r_tyler , 09 October 2013 · 70 views

When can I hate you? Can I hate you in a year when things still aren't any better. Can I hate you in two years when things are just the same. Do I have to wait a decade before I can say, "See? I hate being alive just as much now as I ever did. How much longer do you want me to wait?" Can I hate you at 50, when I know almost certainly that half of my life is gone? Can I hate you at 75 when I am not only depressed, but I'm also decaying? If not, then can I, maybe, possibly be justified in hating you on my deathbed? As I breathe my last miserable breath, am I allowed to finally say I hate you? Will you be sorry for making me live with false and tepid hope through misery and pain, looking for something that would never come, just so you can keep me in a collection on a shelf? Is that what you want? Is that okay? Am I allowed to hate you then?

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