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Questions About Body Memories

Posted by Parlophone , 23 September 2013 · 128 views

So, my questions are:

1.) Is it possible for body memories to appear later than others? (I do believe I recently discovered a new body memory that I've never felt before)

2.) Is it normal for body memories to worsen/become more painful? If so, why might the pain increase? Is it because I'm able to handle these memories now or something?

I'm sorry if all of my posts are excessive and whiny, I just really need answers right now and I have nowhere else to go with them. :(

1) Absolutely. The body memories can awaken at different times with different intensities.

2) The pain increases as we are able to become whole or integrate our brain (psyche) and body back together. For me it meant you I was literally piecing parts of myself back together, and that could be painful. It means I was no longer living like a rock, but was becoming a real person that can handle and feel the pain.

This is a good thing, and eventually the pain will lessen, and you will find comfort being in your own body.

When we go through this trauma, a part of our mind (and I believe soul) breaks off and goes to a safe place. As we start to heal and become safe again we allow ourself to understand what it feels like being inside this body that we once thought was a very unsafe place to be.

I can remember the first time I felt my hands. I still have to focus at times to feel certain parts of my body. I had little to no sensation in several areas, but then as I began to heal I would go through this integrative process, and it wasn't always comfortable, but eventually became comfortable. Our mind and body is very resourceful, and at the time of abuse it did what it could, but as an adult we still carry these body memories and as they surface it brings unpleasant sensations, but ultimately it's like getting a splinter out. Once removed it feels much better.

Take good care,
Sep 27 2013 01:52 AM
yes it is possible

I had body memories years afterwards it was triggered by my wife leaving me. The pain was too great.

being hurt was what was similar and it triggered it

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