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A few deaths

Posted by angelakempe , 11 June 2014 · 56 views

Sorry that it's been awhile since I blogged on this site. I've been stirred back into action by two recent deaths. The first, was my favorite author and aspiration, Maya Angelou. She wrote about her own life, rape at an early age, and recovery. Her words were poetic and her life was inspiring. I was truly sad when I learned about her death. I always wanted to meet her and as someone who isn't famous or anything, just never had the confidence to try. 
Then I learned about the second death. She was right in front of my very eyes. Tamisha Evette Ridge (DIYMeesha) was someone on Youtube that taught me and a great number of other followers to Sew. She was upbeat and sweet and put little bible excerpts at the forefront of all her videos. She spoke to us like she was right in the room. So, when I saw the comments that she was murdered in her bed while she slept by an ex-boyfriend, I was astonished. I couldn't believe that she was right in front of me this whole time... And smiling. Her last video mentions that a lot has been going on. Who would have known. I cried horribly at her death. I felt to blame. Here I am with my book and my website and my Facebook page, and no one is reading. And I am sitting here in my life in total peace with my husband and kids, like I've gone on and enjoying my peaceful life and recovery.
It's hard to get up and talk about my experiences. It makes me feel all the feelings again. But I refuse to get lazy when others are in trouble. Maybe one day I can help, just like Maya Angelou. So anyway, I've started hitting the pavement once again. This time for Tamisha.

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