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My first public appearance promoting my memoir and speaking out

Posted by angelakempe , 14 July 2013 · 124 views

My meeting with the SHARP rep on Friday led to very good things happening. I told her about my memoir and about the musical outreach program I was hoping to start in conjunction with it, and she said that she would buy some of my books and wanted me to speak out to her battalion. So on August 9th, my first major appearance as a speaker of domestic violence and rape awareness will be to about 300 soldiers.
I've heard from several people that the general attitude is pretty bad among the soldiers about the classes, that they feel singled out as potential rapists and glaze over because they feel like it doesn't apply to them. This unusual audience has caused me to rethink my approach. I've taken "you, he, and him" out of my entire dialogue. My two points are one, that I'm here to put a face to the statistics and tell them that rape not only happens in clubs and in dark alleys, but in the bedroom. And two, that there are things they can do in a healthy relationship if their partner is suffering from PTSD. I believe this it the beginning of something really rare. May God give me the strength to tell my story through music in a way that doesn't point needless blame.

Go for it! Good for you :)
Keep on going! Every tiny seed of knowledge helps grow a new tomorrow.

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