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Sweater (Trigger)

Posted by angelakempe , 09 July 2013 · 111 views

It was 100 degrees out last night.
"Go get some frozen yogurt," was my husband's request.
That was easy enough. But before going into town, to the local Walmart, I gave myself a quick size up. I was wearing a sleeveless sundress that came to my mid thigh. That wouldn't do. Although, I don't perceive myself as being pretty enough to be on anyone's rape radar anymore, I would make double sure. I put my black tights on and my sweater and went out the door.
Okay... I was sooo uncomfortable. Why was I going to Walmart in the middle of the summer in my sweater? By the time I got into the car and a block down the road I had put all the windows down and was squirming with discomfort.
But no... I would not take my sweater off. I was sure that the moment I took my sweater off, then someone would see me and they would all know. That girl is just asking to get raped. And then all the rapists would look at me with big smiles. "I got you now!"
No way!
But then again, that is a preposterous thought. I never asked to be raped. I don't wear a sign around my neck with the written advertisement "I'm a victim." Still, old habits die slowly.

You are a survivor. I hope one day you will leave the sweater at home and be at peace with yourself.
Take care.
Jul 09 2013 07:47 AM
Thank you, Julee. Me too!

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