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I told my father

Posted by TiMe2HeaLMe , 26 August 2013 · 131 views

I Told my father I was raped eleven years ago. Just like that. It blurted out because I was drunk and angry. I can't even remember how he reacted but I shouldn't have told him.

Hi TiMe2HeaLMe,

I am sorry you were violated so horribly. I know when we drink alcohol, it lowers our inhibitions. I have found that after a couple of drinks of shiraz, sometimes things come out.

You have every right to tell your father about what happened, especially as you have kept it in for so many years. Don't feel bad about that at all. I hope you are receiving counseling and support for what you have gone through.

I hope you are going ok. It is hard when you first reveal sexual abuse but it is the first step in starting the healing process.

You tell your truth!

Take care.

Tina :)

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