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The Wonderland Years


i'm moving. and. wow. *SSI* *SA*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 24 January 2014 · 85 views

yeah so within the next few months i'm moving. into a host home somewhere in Denver/aurora/Littleton.
for the rest of my life. and if the 1st doesn't work out ill move into another one.
it's not that I don't care. no I do. its more weird than anything. honestly this should've happened a long time ago. almost 10 yrs ago. actually. well ok not...


does/did he care or .... ? *on my ex* *relationships* *breakups*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 24 January 2014 · 136 views

for those uninformed my ex and I broke up almost a yr. ago. and no i'm not over it/him.
yeah so recently I was looking at my other blog reading over some of my entries that had to do w/ the breakup and the notes on them. and so one noter said something about how the guy she's w/ works 50+ hrs. and they've made it work. that was almost a yr. ago so...


Tues./Wed. how i've been.

Posted by lilyvanilla , 24 January 2014 · 71 views

well on Wed. it was my sister's 24th. she was anxious though not bc of that. um. and I was nervous bc I was going to tell a HS friend of mine via FB about the 2 other SAs from when I was 23 and 25. [i'm 26 now btw]. I recently remembered that back in HS i'd promised him I would. he's really nice. and next to Evan is the other person who holds me in the hi...


when he left. he broke my trust. *Pat/Sage* *d***h*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 24 January 2014 · 72 views

yeah so. as said.
when he left he broke my trust. as did my ex. actually. which is really ironic since he's not that kindof person. Pat I mean. no he was loyal as a wolf.
and  I can't. I can't resolve things w/ him cause he's not here and he hasn't been here since March last yr.!
so yes i'm angry. and emotional.


i can't. resolve things between me and Pat [/Sage]. *d***h*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 24 January 2014 · 64 views

So, again. Pat sage was my best friend wwho passed away last march.


i would do. anything. for her. right now. but i can't since she's not here. *karlye* *SU*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 24 January 2014 · 55 views

and she hasn't been here in 9 ef*** yrs.!
yeah but ya know what? I would do anything. for her. right now. and yeah maybe i'm being selfish and yeah I probably am.
they say if you love something set it free if it comes back it's yours if it doesn't it never was. yeah but what they don't.....what they don't tell you. what they don't. tell you....

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