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he broke/betrayed my trust too. *on my dad* *Non SA Abuse* *TW*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 28 January 2014 · 164 views

and he also disappointed me I've just recently realized.
yeah so. um. as put. about my dad.
So a few yrs back my mom and my sister were fighting on the stairs. actually it was almost 10 yrs. ago.
I didn't even think I just went up there and tried to get my mom off my sister. [yeah. this was back when I still cared about her].
and my dad didn't do anything. I have a few guesses as to why. and it's not really about that. not only didn't he protect my sister but he also didn't protect me. that I remember. my back was turned focusing on my mom and my sister.
I mean. wow. he just completely ignored us far as I know. yeah ignorance ki**s. and not only in cases of SU.
I guess. all these yrs. up until then I expected my dad to you know. actually do something. in the event that came up. he's you know, a medium size guy. he could take someone on or w/e the correct phrase is. I'm small and I did something! I didn't even thinking about it. just did it.
so yeah. he also disappointed me.
so no after that he doesn't deserve my trust. he has to earn it. and it's too late for that.

You deserve to have only people in your life who will treat you with love and respect. 

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