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i'm moving. and. wow. *SSI* *SA*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 24 January 2014 · 128 views

yeah so within the next few months i'm moving. into a host home somewhere in Denver/aurora/Littleton.
for the rest of my life. and if the 1st doesn't work out ill move into another one.
it's not that I don't care. no I do. its more weird than anything. honestly this should've happened a long time ago. almost 10 yrs ago. actually. well ok not that exactly but more should've been done when my mom was abusing me.
im not afraid of her anymore. my mentor know about what happened between my mom and I. well ok. she knows wwhat happened and about the bowl thing. she doesn't know the details but no one offline does, so.
but it's not so much that. it's that even though he wasn't the one who did anything ive been afraid of my dad ever since I was like. 19. that was almost 10 yrs ago. [ok 7 since im 26 but im rounding up]. my mentor doesn't know about that. yet.
ive gotten so used to that that itll be really weird not. having that. not. being afraid.
when I shouldntve had to ever be to begin w/.

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