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so here's where I'm at. *Generic Recovery News. update. thingy.* *really not that interesting*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 21 January 2014 · 133 views

yeah so as put. here's where I'm at in regards of overall recovery. [SA, PTSD, ED].
um. For those unaware back in Aug. I started writing. like really writing. in notebooks. w/ a pen. about my past [SA, PTSD, ED, drugs, death] and my upbringing. and such. 
I took a 2 - 3 month break in Oct. and have recently resumed writing this month.
And since having resumed I've been writing basic entries like 'I've had depression since I was 14 but wasn't diagnosed until.......'. [I was 15]. I have this form of this. [like ok SAD 's a form of depression. as in 'I have SAD which is a form of depression' that kindof thing]. I haven't really detailed at all. much. as of late.
Um so I have 2 more topics to outline. er not 'outline'. I mean to write don and not detail. And then once *that's* done cause that was Part 1 I'm going to write the connections between everything. like, you know. alcoholism's a symptom of PTSD which is a result of me having been sexually abused. < which leads to > 1 the 3 things I haven't dealt w/ like. at all. ever which is what happened between my mom and I. [which. was verbal abuse]. and *that* goes back to what happened when I was little. which. was also verbal abuse. which I also. haven't dealt w/. or told anyone like. at all.
yeah so the verbal abuse from my mom. has to do w/ my sister's drug addiction back in HS.
another topic I'm going to write about is what I refer to as The Parking Garage Incident. the other. thing I haven't dealt w/.
Ya know. it doesn't mean I won't like. drink or w/e once all that's been written. it just means that it *has* been written.

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