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I was hoping he'd at least be civil. *on my ex*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 09 October 2013 · 105 views

So I read part of the email from my ex. my email has this thing where it shows you part of the email.

And it said: 'ok don't say....' I've not read the rest of the email. i'm not ready to yet [although I realize um. won't really know for sure until I do].

*i'm quite possibly overreacting bc of things that are unrelated to this, so. um. be forewarned*.

i'm taking it as he's telling me what to do/not to do. so he's still controlling me. and maybe he is I really don't know. it also sounds to me like he's trying to start something. which I don't need right now. er.well. not that I did 2 days ago when I was actually in a good place. which I was.

I was hoping he'd at least be civil. ya know reply w/ something like 'hey thank you i'm sorry about your friend i'm not ready to talk to you right now'. cause I was civil. and sweet. far as I can see I've done nothing wrong here. no I was perfectly lovely.

yeah it's sad he can't/won't be civil atm but. he's not my main issue right now bc we're not together anymore. it's also a bit disappointing.

he knows what he gave up when we broke up. and yeah I know it hurts. and maybe this is his way of getting back at me for taking my anger out on him [which had nothing to do w/ him. and he actually let me. it's about time I did that what w/ him threatening to r*pe me. 2 different occasions. I mean it's not right what I did but it's understandable]. I really don't know.

of course it hurts. we were very in love and serious. yeah I get that. I knew it'd be a shock.

no he knew what he gave up. someone sweet and thoughtful and lovely and awesome. [i'm reminding myself of this so I don't fall back down atm].

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