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So I've emailed my ex. *TW for talk of r*pe*. from: Sept. 24.

Posted by lilyvanilla , 29 September 2013 · 127 views

So I've recently emailed my ex. when we were together he verbally abused me twice, once threatening to r*pe me after I'd taken my anger out on him. [which in my mind makes him just as bad as the r**ist himself]. When he did that I told him something along the lines of if he does that again I *would* tell someone. [which he didn't and maybe that's why. I really don't know but that's my theory]. In a weird way I almost wish he *had* so I *could*'ve told someone. yeah, strange.

The last email I sent him told him I miss him a lot and I'm still in love w/ him, it talked about what I miss about him [the physicality, being taken care of]. And if he wanted to get coffee or lunch to give me a ring. and that the ball's in his court.

We broke up last Feb. just before Valentine's Day. He's not just the guy who threatened to r*pe he's also. my ex. he's both there's an interesting duality there.

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