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'f**in cheated i'm defeated i could give up right now' 'gotta look on the bright side w/ all of your might you'd fall for......'

Posted by lilyvanilla , 20 September 2013 · 55 views

Right so.

This is about my friend Evan. we're still in contact despite people's opinions.

So like. in Jan./Feb. we ran into each other at a bbar. Our friend Pat [aka Sage] was there.

Um. So after Pat, erm. 'left'[/'transistioned'] was when Evan and I really started hanging out. So one day Evan told me 'I have something to tell you. I have some bisexual tendencies and.....' he was eluding to the fact that he'd cheated on me. which has never happened bbefore.

[well in order for him to have done this we would've had to have been officially 'together'. so. actually and I think we were since I recall one time when he was at my place and he's talking to his mom or brother or someone on my cell and he goes 'and now I have to apologise to my girlfriend for......].

So. I'm not sure exactly what Evan did but evidently. yeah. when he told me I was of course shocked and er. but put it into perspective when I'm like 'well it's not like you r*ped me or anything'. or, you know, threatened to.

yeah this has never happened to me before. surprisingly enough. well I mean before.when it did.

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