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where the hell do i start/packing arguments not good enough *T*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 28 June 2013 · 113 views

As put. :trigger:

Um...........wow. So much has happened lately.

So yesterday was my 1st meeting thingy w/ my new mentor Jessica. she's nice and really cool. I don't always agree w/ the things she says. It went well. she's pretty big on honesty.

So earlier that day while my mom and I were packing up my place. And I'd told her - I think - I need more boxes. She'd told me to label them which she hadn't told my dad to tell me when I started packing. and then my mom gets all annoyed w/ me for something she didn't do.

I forgot what else happened during the argument. [I have. short term memory problems].

So.........that was that morning. after which I met w/ Jessica. And then went into Cherry Creek. and found out that at the eggshell a breakfast place here they do open mic nights. or they did there. so that went well.

today my sister and I went over and packed my place. she didn't want to stay long. she packed some of the dishes and the garland thingy that was around my railing.

so she left. my mom picked me up we had a small argument thigny about the fact that I keep stuff. we got back I went to the library came back had dinner w/ kate and mom the end of which kate and I argued did my laundry then I went back to the library and came back.


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