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About Me *E*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 26 June 2013 · 34 views

So it occurred to me just now that I've not posted an entry like this. not that I've been blogging here all that long.

*everyone here knows me as lily but i'm actually anne. either's fine. i'm actually thinking of changing my sn here to 'soulfullyinclined'. I've had the current one for yrs.
*which i've always been. soulfullyinclined I mean.
*I abbreviate. a lot. and generalise a lot as well. both are easier and take a shorter time than not doing either.
*no i'm not from the uk nor have I ever lived there i'm just articulate. which is interesting as that's the very thing I have trouble w/. and apparently people are surprised by. I've visited London 2x and Ireland once. I love/d both.
*on that note i've travelled quite a bit.
*I also love music. a lot. esp. rock, blues, celtic & b'way. and water. I don't swim since i'm diagnosed 'agoraphobic' [although that actually means 'fear of gathering places'. 'homophobic' means 'fear of people']. well it's not so much that as people's physicality really bothers me. which is interesting since i'm a v. physical person. and it has nothing to do w/ what i've gone through it's just how I am. though I tell people the reason I don't swim is bc i'm not v. good at it. a lot of things are like that.
*i'm from Denver, co and still currently reside there. we [my parents, sister and I] moved in to their place in cherry creek when I was 4.5. I went to boarding school in vt when I was 15 for 2 yrs. I didn't like it. [I tell people it's bc it was v. cold. that's *a* reason but not *the* reason].
*oh i'm 25 26 in aug. I want to stay 25 bc its such a good yr. my sister's 23.
*i'm v. slowly learning guitar. i'm bad at practising. i'm borrowing my mom's Gibson. I like guitars more than pianos, saxaphones and harps.
*I don't currently work or go to school.
*sexuality-wise i'm on both sides, as it were.
*oh I write fanfic. which isn't something anyone knows. i'm embarrassed to admit it. i'm currently looking for someone to edit it via email. so hit me up. and/or if you want to just read it. I don't have my own site for it.
*i'm also currently in the process of putting some of my photos on my own art site. one where you don't have to pay. if anyone knows of one again, hit me up.
*I love children but don't have any. i'm not exposed to them and haven't been. dogs are a bit much for me. I don't like monkeys, goats, lizards or uh turtles. I like spiders. I really like whales, snakes, cats, wolves, elephants and birds.
*i'm a really passionate person and I just feel everything.so. incredibly deeply.
*i'm very sweet and will give anyone a chance until they give me a damn good reason not to. i'm nice to everyone but i'm not always nice.
*oh I also swear quite a bit.
*I like stuffed animals a lot. oh by 'stuffed animals' I mean like. you know stuffed animals. like teddy bears and such. not like taxidermy.


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