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So here's what's happened/packing, moving, Pam, egg shell, Julie Andrews lady, cabins. *E*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 26 June 2013 · 70 views

So this is for everyone uninformed which is pretty much. everyone.

So back in May I moved to my mom's [well really my parents'. a former best friend and former bc he left us back in March of mine lived w/ his mom uncle and sister which is where I got referring to being at my parents' as being at my mom's. from. um but anyway] after living in my place in SE Denver for the last 4 yrs. it wasn't my decision it was my mom's for safety reasons. which I can't go into and frankly don't want to. let's just say my mom sees my other best friend differently than I do.

So the 1st week I moved in for like. the 1st, 3 days things were crazy. regarding the aforementioned friend. and then they settled down. And then that Friday for 5 days I went up to my parents' cabin in the mtns [love the mtns] w/ my dad for 5 days. who as mentioned I can't stand. where I didn't eat since I don't and won't eat solely around him and haven't for yrs.

But other than being w/ him and the whole.eating thing it was nice. There's nothing do which is nice but at the same time there's nothing to do. it can be boring. I read a lot: hunger games, girl w/ the dragon tattoo. liked both.

so then we got back. um. within the last month my mom and I've been looking at places for me to live w/ other people not at my mom's. since they apparently think I need to live w/ people. I see their point but don't agree. we found a few but 3 I thought I could live in one of whom I stayed w/ this past weekend. pam. and her husband Dwayne. theyre nice. they have this other guy living w/ them who has to be under a lot of supervision though it doesn't have anything to do w/ his mental health. so that was different. weve never had that in my family. everyone ate at the same time which was also different since, again. weve never had that. and I never thought that was weird. I stayed in the basement which was cold but I had my own space. which was nice. they let me sleep whenever. I feel like I can't do that at my moms' since the room im currently in is next to the kitchen which is right next to the living room.

um. pam's an extrovert which i'm.not. she's warm anf friendly and pushy and calls 'everyone' 'hun'. awww I love people like that. except when my mom does it and then it's weird. not that id ever tell her. um..........umumum..........we visited the rec centers, a bagel place, her sister [pam's I mean] who's nice.

so that happened.

I've been packing a lot. going to my place and boxing things up. its going well. going out in cherry creek where im from. starbucks, the mall, rite aid, safeway, the library and the mall. watching dvds from said library. going to Panera w/ my mom. and the egg shell an eatery here where they have this singing guy come 3x a week from 2 - 7.

so my sister moved to d.c. w/ her now ex leo about a week ago [he got a job there which is why they moved] and she's coming back today. I kindof don't want her to since she's one to run the show. it's difficult to be around her which my dad evidently didn't know wasn't aware of. but theres a lot hes not aware of.


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