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Another fling gone by....

Posted by radarlove , 12 July 2014 · 142 views

I sleep with guys too soon.  The 2nd date seems to be the trick with me.  That's how soon I decide.  I meet them.  They are cute, sweet, we have fun, they like me.  Boom, we jump into bed.  (My most recent one lasted one month and two days.  It included 4 dates and one weekend vacation.)
After a few weeks or a couple of months, it turns out that they aren't right for me or there are other issues and we break up.
I like fucking.  I like sex.  I don't like a string of short-lived unfulfilling relationships.  I get so eager for intimacy sometimes, and for the feeling of having a boyfriend and that romantic experience that I don't wait patiently for someone who is a good match.  
If I wait, I don't get the sex and that release.  Masturbation is so boring to me.  It gets so old.  And I try waiting, but that person never comes along.  The only upside to waiting is that I avoid the emotional issues that come with ending things. 
The last guy I screwed on a second date actually is more right for me than the others, but I thought we would be better as friends and we had even kind of established that in a vague new way.  But then one thing led to another and suddenly we're going at it.  I think we both regretted it.
Now I'm not sure if we can be friends. Posted Image
I need to be more patient with sex, but sometimes I just want it.  It doesn't help that I just got a job transcribing porn too.  It basically consists of writing "oh," "fuck" and "yeah" over and over.  Anyway, I don't like porn.  It's just a job, but it makes me think about sex more than I'd like to.

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